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Exosphere Music and Exosphere Radio are passionate about sharing music. We're interested in old and new alike. What we really care about is the experience of sharing music from all over the planet. With a background in business and anthropology, professional music, production and radio, we seem to have found a wonderful mix that becomes cohesive when put together.

Many of us at Exosphere have travelled around the earth. We have been exposed to music in may forms. Music is language, and language is what first creates diversity in different cultures. We often think of the stereotypes associated with different geographical locations such as American Rock n Roll, British pop, Latin Salsa, African drumming. Certainly, if we are exposed to new music, it is often the popular music that actually makes it commercially.

Our radio station is not confined to one room or one building, or even one nation or continent. Our presenters and DJ's bring their music to you from wherever they are at any given moment on the planet, all thanks to the marvels of the latest forms of communication.

Music and Art are things that tie Humans together. Making music, playing it, singing it, just dancing to it engages the very essence of what makes us Human. We can be engaged with music from anywhere. Even if you can only tap your foot, or whistle, music can be found.

So, please join us in our ever-growing experiment. Share your thoughts, ideas, and most importantly, your music, with us!

Exosphere, where the worlds' music calls home.

What we here at Exosphere have discovered is that although stereotyping is just that for a reason, we often miss out on the music that truly speaks the language of its native artists. Local bands and alternative sounds often command a much more loyal following, and can demand greater musicianship. Local music tends to show us what the area is really dealing with in everyday lives.

With ever-growing globalisation, it seems this blue ball gets smaller and smaller with every passing day. One of our greatest fears is that modern culture can often sweep away the amazing differences that make the human experience so rich and varied.

Being part of the Human race means we can choose to learn and understand peoples different from us. Often we cannot get on a plane and fly to some exotic province and partake of local culture found only in certain destinations, but new technologies allow Exosphere to bring the whole world to your own doorstep.